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Preparation process of catalyst for coal-to-liquid oil, molybdenum isooctanoate


The invention relates to an oil-soluble metal organic compound, molybdenum isooctanoate, which mainly contains metal molybdenum, and 1% isooctanoic acid molybdenum is added to the coal oil to increase the yield of coal into oil by 30%.


  1. Molybdenum-free phosphorus-containing organic compound-molybdenum isooctanoate, characterized in that 1% of isooctanoic acid molybdenum is added to the coal-to-liquid, and the yield of coal converted into oil is increased by more than 30%.
  2. According to claim 1, it is characterized in that molybdenum isooctanoate is used as a catalyst for coal-to-liquid production, and the catalytic effect is remarkable.

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Preparation process of catalyst for coal-to-liquid oil, molybdenum isooctanoate

The present invention relates to a metal organic compound characterized by a molybdenum-containing organic compound as a catalyst. As a catalyst for organic synthesis, molybdenum isooctanoate is a new product that has been developed in recent years. Only a few foreign companies can produce it. Only domestic reports on molybdenum isooctanoate have not been realized. Industrialized production has not been realized. In coal-to-liquid production, Molybdenum octoate has been found to have a catalytic effect in the conversion of coal to oil. However, the existing domestic isooctanoic acid molybdenum products have low effective molybdenum content, and the catalytic effect is not good, which cannot meet the production needs of coal-to-liquids.

The object of the present invention is to provide a sulfur-free phosphorus-free phosphorus-type organic compound, which has obvious compatibility with other catalysts in the coal-to-liquids industry and can significantly improve the yield of coal to oil.

The technical solution of the present invention is implemented as follows:

Firstly, diethanolamine isooctanoate is synthesized, and then reacted with molybdic acid under certain conditions to prepare oil-soluble molybdenum isooctanoate, which is characterized in that the metal organic compound contains molybdenum, sulfur-free and phosphorus-friendly products.

Its structural formula is:

The present invention will be described in detail below with reference to examples.

  1. Preparation of diethanolamine isooctanoate

In a three-necked flask equipped with a stirrer, a thermometer and a condenser, 2 mol of isooctanoic acid and 2 mol of diethanolamine were weighed, and the temperature was slowly raised to 120℃ with stirring, and the reaction was carried out for 3.5 to 4.0 hours and then cooled to room temperature to obtain a pale yellow transparent liquid. Diethanolamine isooctanoate.

  1. Weigh 0.5 mol of molybdic acid and disperse it with water, then add 5 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid, and heat the diethanolamine isooctanoate to about 50℃, then add molybdic acid to 90℃for 3 hours, then raise the temperature to 110℃. The temperature was lowered to 60℃for a while, and the impurities were removed by hot filtration to obtain a brown or blue viscous liquid, molybdenum isooctanoate.

The above synthetic method makes the target product oil-soluble and has a catalytic effect in the production of coal-to-liquid. The main technical indexes of the product are as follows:




Analytical method


Brown or blue liquid


Mo content


Butyl acetate extraction spectrophotometry

Mechanical impurities


GB/T 511



GB/T 260

Flash point(open)


GB/T 3536

Adding amount




Application experiment:

In the production process of hot-melt catalytic coal to produce liquid fuel, the addition amount of molybdenum isooctanoate is 1%, and the conversion of coal to oil is increased from 29% to 62%, and the catalytic effect is obvious.