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Dimethyl methylphosphonate

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Fyrol DMMP;

Pyrol DMMP;

Reoflam DMMP;

Flame retardant DMMP;

Dimethyl methanephosphonate;

Dimethoxymethyl phosphine oxide;

Methyl phosphonic acid dimethyl ester;

Phosphonic acid, methyl-, dimethyl ester;

Methanephosphonic acid dimethyl ester

Molecular structure:





Colorless transparent liquid





Acid value

≤1mg KOH/g

P content




Dimethyl methylphosphonate, also known as flame retardant DMMP, is a halogen-free liquid additive organic phosphorus flame retardant. It has the advantages of good stability, high phosphorus content, excellent flame retardancy, miscibility with water and various organic solvents, low viscosity, etc., low addition, convenient use, and no environmental pollution. Dimethyl methylphosphonate is a traditional flame retardant Update products. Dimethyl methylphosphonate can be used in polymer materials such as soft and rigid polyurethane foams, unsaturated polyester resins and epoxy resins. After using this product, the self-extinguishing, plasticizing, low temperature, and ultraviolet stability of the resulting product are excellent for products with other flame retardants. Dimethyl methylphosphonate is especially suitable for transparent or light-colored products and spray applications. Dimethyl methylphosphonate is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronics, transportation and other fields. In addition, dimethyl methylphosphonate can also be used as a pre-ignition additive, catalyst, defoamer, plasticizer, softener, antistatic agent, additive in solvents, organic synthesis intermediates, and low temperature hydraulic oil wait.

Flame retardant mechanism

The characteristics of flame retardant DMMP structure make it extremely easy to be uniformly mixed in the physical state of the polymer to be added. When a product containing dimethyl methylphosphonate is burned in a fire, dimethyl methylphosphonate is decomposed into phosphoric acid → metaphosphoric acid → polymetaphosphoric acid. During the decomposition process, a phosphoric acid layer is formed, forming a non-volatile flame-retardant protective layer covering the combustion surface, blocking heat conduction and oxygen Supply, forcing the combustion to stop; and because the polymetaphosphoric acid can promote the combustion decomposition of the polymer to carbonization, and generate a certain amount of water, thereby effectively preventing combustion. From the perspective of flame retardant effect, dimethyl methylphosphonate is very effective. It burns and decomposes to produce phosphorus pentoxide, carbon dioxide and water, without the generation of toxic gases. Dimethyl methylphosphonate has very little smoke and dust in the combustion material and meets the smoke and dust standards in the fire protection code, which is another great advantage of this flame retardant.

Recommended dosage

flame retardant DMMP is generally added in an amount of 3 to 15%. But it is not suitable to be pre-formulated in the composition, and it is recommended to add it before foaming production.

Application in rigid polyurethane foam sandwich panel, pouring, spray forming

Rigid polyurethane foam, as an energy-saving thermal insulation and anticorrosive material, is widely used in petroleum, chemical, cold storage, construction and other industries for thermal insulation, cold preservation and energy saving materials. Experiments have shown that the addition of 6% -15% flame retardant DMMP can achieve different requirements of flame retardancy. Flame retardant DMMP can also achieve satisfactory flame retardancy when applied to polyurethane soft foam and soft foam composites.

Applied to unsaturated polyester resin

Flame retardant DMMP is used in unsaturated polyester resins. It has good compatibility and excellent flame retardancy. It can be made into flame retardant FRP and flame retardant transparent FRP products.

Flame retardant DMMP and aluminum trihydrate are added to the product, which can reduce production costs and obtain high-quality products with low toxicity, low smoke and high flame retardancy.

Flame retardant DMMP has a good flame retardant effect in epoxy resin and furan resin.

Flame retardant DMMP is used together with antimony trioxide and aluminum trihydrate to produce epoxy flame retardant potting compound with high flame retardant properties.


Flame retardant DMMP must be used as it is. It cannot be stored for a long time after being mixed with polyurethane foam and combined polyether.




Store in a dry, well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.


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