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Quick Details

Product name:Methacrylated Hyaluronic Acid;HAMA

Product category:Blu-ray curing and modified gelatin based series

Appearance:white powder

Forming and curing process:temperature sensitive and blue light curing

Applicable cells:chondrocytes, osteoblasts, cardiomyocytes, skin cells, nerve cells, fibroblasts, liver cells, kidney cells, bladder transitional epithelial cells, limbal stem cells, etc.

Print tissue:Joints, cartilage, eyelids, etc.

Adapter printer:extruded bio-printer such as EnvisionTec in Germany and Allevi (formerly BioBots) in the US

Sterile grade:sterile, no mycoplasma, no endotoxin

Quality level:Bioink-qualified


HAMA is a photosensitive biomaterial, it is used in combination with blue or ultraviolet light initiators to crosslink and cure under the action of blue light or ultraviolet light, the higher the concentration of HAMA, the greater the hardness after curing, it has good biocompatibility and can be mixed with cells for bio 3D printing.


HAMA protects and lubricates cells, regulates the movement of cells on the viscoelastic matrix, stabilizes the collagen network and protects it from mechanical damage.

Quality control test

Each batch of HAMA was confirmed by H NMR, HPLC and cytology, and its chemical structure, MA grafting rate was 20-30%, no cytotoxicity; HAMA formulated hydrogel, after adding blue initiator LAP, It can be cured quickly under the action of blue light.


Figure 1: Printed nasal cartilage

Figure 2: Chondrocytes in HAMA hydrogel


1.Weigh the required amount of HAMA for printing, acetone sterilization

2.Prepare 0.25~0.5% LAP solution, dissolve at 37℃, filter and sterilize with 0.22μm filter;

3.Under sterile conditions, add HAMA, the final concentration is 1~2%, Dissolve overnight;

4.Mixed with cells, placed in the cartridge of the Blu-ray bio 3D printer;

5.3D printing, blue light (wavelength 405 nm) curing.


As your requirements


Store in -20℃, dry, well ventilated area, away from direct sunlight.

Shelf life

1 year