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Hydroxymethylphenylphosphinic acid

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Hydroxymethoxy oxo phenylphosphanium;

3-(4-Hydroxymethylphenoxy)propionic acid

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White crystalline powder



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Hydroxymethylphenylphosphinic acid, short as HMPPA, easily soluble in water, ethylene glycol and other solvents, stable properties at room temperature.


Hydroxymethylphenylphosphinic acid is an environmentally friendly flame retardant. It is a new generation of permanent flame retardant modified products launched based on the structural characteristics of polyester and is the leader in flame retardants. Compared with CEPPA, it has the characteristics of high phosphorus content, less relative addition, better thermal stability and oxidation stability. The flame-retardant chips produced by CEPPA have a higher melting point than the flame-retardant chips produced by CEPPA, which can reach 256°C, and it is not easy to produce floating yarn breakage during spinning, and can spin finer polyester products. Hydroxymethylphenylphosphinic acid is widely used in flame retardant fields such as textile flame retardant, spinning flame retardant, chemical fiber flame retardant, various clothing materials, and decorative fabrics.

Flame retardant effect

Permanent flame-retardant polyester curtain fabrics, sofa fabrics, car seat cushion fabrics and other fabrics produced from flame-retardant polyester chips are measured by the National Fixed Fire Extinguishing System and Fire-resistant Components Quality Inspection Center, and the National Fireproof Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The oxygen index is 32-33%, reaching GB8624B1 level requirements, has been widely used.

Application fields

The flame-retardant chips made of Hydroxymethylphenylphosphinic acid have excellent flame-retardant effect, high reactivity, small addition amount, and almost no effect on the mechanical properties of the material. Its monomer is suitable for permanent flame-retardant modification of polyester. The flame retardant copolymer prepared therefrom has good flame retardancy, hydrolysis resistance and dyeing resistance. Hydroxymethylphenylphosphinic acid is suitable for the production of permanent flame-retardant polypolyester and nylon products such as polyester and nylon chips, filaments, staple fibers, fabrics, films, etc. The resulting flame-retardant polyester chips have good hue, good spinnability, and good fiber strength. Good dyeability. Spinning can be processed by any spinning system. It has excellent thermal stability, does not decompose during the spinning process, and has no peculiar smell at the spinning site. It is suitable for various fields where conventional PET can be applied.

Recommended dosage

When copolymerized with PTA and EG, the additive amount is 2.5~4.5%, the phosphorus content of flame-retardant polyester chips is 0.35-0.60%, and the flame retardant oxygen index after spinning fabric is 30~36%.




Store in a dry, well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.

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